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Prosperian eServices renders smart, innovative online subscription services that enhances consumer lives globally.

Product Licensors & Participants

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LifeStyle Enhancing eServices on Subscription

Our product participants in the Africa, Americas, Asia, and Europe collaborate to perform all functions pertaining to the provision, delivery, and management of online subscription service to consumers, including consumer boarding, billing, subscription payment collection and CRM. Our subscription service products are distributed to consumers globally, through a network of regional licensees.

Product Licensees

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LifeStyle Enhancing eServices on Subscription.

The network of LifeStyle Direct companies, acting as product licensees of eServe delivers Online Subscription Services to Consumers globally. These services include our CareAssist Support Bundle, PayPayYa eWallets & Digital Payments and our Premier ADVantage Card.

The network of LifeStyle Direct companies renders product bundles under various brands specifically for each market, through brand-specific cost-benefit and language localisation. We often add subscription loyalty reward benefits to our product bundles, to encourage signups and regular payment of monthly service subscription fees.


Our Collage of Nested Products is the Culmination of Extensive Research into Consumer Behaviour across various Cultures, Territories and Technologies.

Mobile Response, Life Coaching & Loyalty Rewards

CareAssist provides Emergency Mobile Response and an Online Life Coaching Service on subscription with Loyalty Rewards for annual subscribers.

  • CareAssist is sold under various brands in 122 territories.

Multi-Currency eWallets, Global Money Transfer, Cash Pickup & Online Banking

PayPayYa provides Multi-Currency eWallets, Global Money Transfer, Cash Pickup & Online Banking on ALL-INCLUSIVE Subscription.

  • PayPayYa is rendered by PLANetPay Global Oü.

  • PayPayYa is only available in the EU.

  • PayPayYa is still under development.

Secure Online Shopping & Global Purchases with a FREE Revolving Credit Facility

Premier ADVantage Card provides Secure Online Shopping, Digital Payments, Global Point-Of-Sale & ATM Acceptance and an INTEREST FREE Revolving Credit Line.

  • Premier ADVantage Card is rendered by PLANetPay Global Oü.

  • Premier ADVantage Card is only available in the EU.

  • Premier ADVantage Card is still under development.

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